Players will be members of the small coal minning city of Taggun. players will be one of the
following, to be decided on first session:

1-Commoner(innkeepers, servants, blacksmiths, coal minner)
3-warrior(city guard)
4-Expert(artisans, specialist laborers, and ingenious inventors)
5-Aristocrat(educated, wealthy individual who were born into high position)

players will be assigned an above title based on a random roll

a story is not required for first session but try to have a rough story idea, players
may be asked questions about themselves in game, feel free to mold the city to your story
inserting any busniesses, family, Ex. to create your story.

Taggun city Info.

Medium sized town
No items outside the PHB
City ALignment: N
City Hall:small Keep
City type: mining village (coal)

Players should have an Idea for a build like using the following guidlines:
To make a 1st-level gestalt character, choose two classes, you can’t combine two versions of the same class
Build your character according to the following guidelines.

Hit Dice: Choose the larger Hit Die. A monk/sorceror would use d8 as her Hit Die and have 8 hit points (plus Constitution modifier) at first level, for example.

Base Attack Bonus: Choose the better progression from the two classes.

Base Saving Throw Bonuses: choose between the saves of the 2 classes
Class Skills: get both skills of the 2 classes and skill point of the class that grants more

Class Features: A gestalt character gains the class features of both classes.
A 1st-level gestalt rogue/cleric, for example, gets sneak attack +1d6, trapfinding, 1st-level cleric spells, and the ability to turn or rebuke undead.
Alignment and ability-based restrictions (such as arcane spell failure chance and a druid’s prohibition on wearing metal armor)
apply normally to a gestalt character, no matter what the other class is.

players choose from a list of the following classes to combine:

-psychic warrior
-soul knife

Resources (point buy)

the questions we seek

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